HMRC tax investigations

If you were facing a serious legal charge, you presumably wouldn’t defend yourself in court. Similarly, you shouldn’t defend yourself during an HMRC investigation.

Our specialist areas of expertise lies in HMRC enquiries into VAT returns, enquiries into overseas income or gains and enquiries into undisclosed capital gains.

We also regularly advise on investigations into self-assessment tax returns, payroll enquiries and CIS reclaims.

We are not afraid to challenge HMRC’s interpretation of tax legislation and we have a tenacious attitude to negotiating a suspension, reduction or elimination of any HMRC imposed penalties.

What to expect from an HMRC investigation

Investigations into VAT returns are currently the most popular type of enquiry and will commence with a letter to the VAT registered business requesting an appointment to visit the business premises.

At this point we recommend you seek professional help. If you hire Sunny Accountants to deal with the investigation on your behalf, we will request that the meeting takes place at our premises.  HMRC often insist the taxpayer is present in the meeting but we do most of the talking.

We will prepare the paperwork that HMRC have requested, in a format that is easy to follow, and be ready to respond to any questions concerning missing or incorrect invoices.

We will provide evidence to substantiate our claims or explain why a certain VAT rate has or has not been used.

Our meetings with HMRC are usually over in a morning because we prepare well.  Our client has minimal involvement in the investigation and this is often a significant weight off of their shoulders!

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