International VAT

Is your business based in the UK? Do you sell many of your goods overseas?

If so, you need to work with an accountant that understands the specific rules that apply to VAT internationally and can proactively advise you on all of the intricacies.

If you supply to EU customers, you will also need to be up to speed with the changes following Brexit.

The latest guidance on VAT on imports and services to and from the EU is complex and businesses need to account for this in their trading.

Is your business based in the UK? Do you provide services to a non-UK based client?

Sunny Accountants can help you understand under what circumstances a service can be zero rated for VAT purposes.

The rules are complex and we can help you not only prevent unnecessary VAT registrations but also ensure that you are following in the rules in the countries where you are undertaking business.

We can provide you with practical help and advice to deal with a range of international VAT matters including:
  • Import VAT
  • Accounting for import VAT on your VAT return
  • Deferring VAT
  • B2B v B2C
  • Exceptions to the rule
  • Registering for VAT in other countries
  • Completing VAT returns in EC states
  • Consignments of value below £135
  • Place of supply
  • Reclaiming VAT in the EU
  • Impact on the supply of business to business services

Let us guide and support you with International VAT registrations and compliance.

Rather than confuse you with jargon, we offer straightforward, practical tax and VAT support – freeing you to focus on your business.

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