There is a whole array of software that you can use to keep a track of your accounts nowadays, we work with over a dozen.

In order to make life simpler for our clients and employees, we have two favourites, based on the following:

  • Cost to the client
  • Features and benefits
  • Ease of use

We can offer heavily discounted Quickbooks Online to all of our clients and also offer training. This is our favourite software because it meets all of our client’s wishes the majority of the time. Quickbooks Online can:

  • Connect with your bank to avoid manual entries
  • Create professional sales invoices very quickly
  • Be accessed anywhere in the world, with an internet connection
  • Be downloaded onto your smartphone as an app
  • Tell you instantly what your profit is, VAT liability is and a whole lot more

Xero is also highly recommended but we cannot offer this software for free, it will be cheaper than buying direct however, if you subscribe via us. Xero offers all of the above, it tends to be personal preference as to who considers which to be ‘best’.