£1million plus turnover companies

Are you looking for an accountant for your £1million plus turnover company?

Maybe you are currently being serviced by a larger accountancy firm.  Whilst their service is professional and you have no major complaints, perhaps you feel their fees are excessive and that they do little more than ensure you remain compliant.

If this sound like your current experience – read on.

Small enough to care, big enough to cope

At Sunny, we are determined to never forget where we started from.  Because, no matter how large we become, personal service and going the extra mile for our clients will always be our top priority.

Our staff are just as well qualified as those working in larger firms and we work to the same standards that the ICAEW insist upon from all of their chartered firms.

By working closely with you, we can identify issues and prevent problems ahead of time.  We can also ensure you make full use of tax reliefs and guide you towards a potential sale or retirement if this is on the horizon.

A modern take on accountancy

It still amazes us how many larger firms have no idea what their corporation tax liability is going to be until after their year-end.  There is absolutely no need for this, with the range of online software packages currently available.

We can help bring your accounting system into the 21st century and ensure you are never again surprised by an end of year tax liability.

We embrace new technology and offer facilities such as secure portals to share documents and request signatures.  No more waiting for the post or printing paperwork off to scan back in.

A dedicated payroll department

Often the first point of contact, whether by telephone or in person, our payroll department colleagues are extremely helpful, professional and efficient. We look after payrolls with over a hundred employees and work with all of the major auto enrolment pension providers.

Get in touch and find out more.

Free 60 minute discovery meeting

Would you spend an hour of your time to potentially save thousands of pounds in taxes and fees?

The purpose of this free initial meeting is to discuss your business situation and how we can potentially help you with our wide range of accountancy services.

We will assess whether we are the right fit for each other and any advice that we provide during this initial meeting is yours to act upon, whether you become a client or not.

Please provide as much personal information as you can, including why you need our assistance as this will help us make the best use of the time.

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