Ewelina’s allotment

During the pandemic-related restrictions, I am sure most of you will have taken up a new hobby, craft or expertise to pass the time, and Sunny’s very own Ewelina has successfully managed to develop her allotment at a site 5 minutes from her house!

To ensure we are keeping up with going green, which helps reduce the carbon footprint, we give all of our old boxes to Ewelina.

Using our old cardboard not only enables us to recycle them sustainably, but Ewelina has incorporated them within her allotment to kill weeds. Upon adding mulch on top of the boxes, this helps it to breakdown as compost for the plants.

Now that spring is arriving, all of her fruit and vegetables have started to grow again! This sign is a plus for the team, as it means we are looking forward to tasting her strawberries once again!

Last weekend, 20-21 March, Ewelina planted her board beans, peas and sprouts in the allotment. And this year, she decided she is going to plant new seedlings, such as asparagus, mushrooms and radishes!

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