Birthday bakes and double the cakes!

At Sunny Accountants, we aim to make our colleagues feel comfortable, supported and part of a strong team.

We love to celebrate the events and happenings outside of the office. From double-birthday blasts to lots of delicious cakes and bakes, we asked two of our newest members of the Sunny family how they are getting on here:

Samuel Skelton, Apprentice Accountant at Sunny Accountants since January 2021 comments:

“I have been at Sunny Accountants for three months now, joining in January.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of being here – apart from picture day!

On my first day, I was extremely nervous as I was in a brand-new environment with brand new people, but everyone at Sunny Accountants has made me feel very welcomed very quickly.

I feel like I have progressed a vast amount since joining Sunny Accountants, and that is solely down to the support and constant strive for excellence from my colleagues, who are always pushing me to be the best Accountant I can be.

My favourite moments are the birthday celebrations we have. We bring in cakes, pastries, sweets and even some homemade food too! We celebrate each other’s birthdays together, which creates a family-like atmosphere.

I am extremely grateful for my time at Sunny Accountants, plus the guidance and support I have received from everyone here. I am very excited to see what lies in the future for me and Sunny Accountants.”

Joanne Wall, Client Manager at Sunny Accountants since January 2021 also comments:

“I started with Sunny in January this year and share Sam’s camera phobia!

I have enjoyed getting to know all the staff and getting to grips with learning new software. The accounts team is a young team, and I have found myself adopting a motherly concern for their welfare and progression in the workplace.

My dog, Nala, enjoys visiting the office, and my son, Mace, enjoyed helping me bake buns (pictured in the photo).

I have enjoyed becoming part of the Sunny family. I am looking forward to meeting more of our clients, guiding them through the pandemic and doing my best to ensure their business is in the best possible financial state as the world returns to whatever the new normal is.”


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