Having an intrapreneur on your team can greatly benefit your business by taking it in a new direction for competitive advantage, reworking its existing systems and processes, and leading innovative internal projects. 

But before you can start reaping the benefits of an intrapreneur, first you need to find them…

How can you bring out the intrapreneurs in your business?

Just like anyone, your hidden intrapreneurs need motivation. Money can motivate anyone but only for so long. It’s just as important for many to feel appreciated and wanted. And for a select few members of staff, they believe that they should be given the chance to take the reins and push your company forward. 

In most cases, it’s very hard to motivate staff members but, at the same time, you know that you need them at their best to bring out their intrapreneurial talent. So, how can you make your employees feel like they truly matter?

Every employee wants to be given the opportunity to make a real difference for the business that they work for and to be granted the freedom to use to put to use their own creativity for the greater good. Sadly, not many employees are given this opportunity so it’s no wonder that so many business owners struggle to get the best out of their team.

By creating a work atmosphere which encourages an intrapreneurial culture, creativity and innovation will, in most cases, boost employee engagement and deliver performance benefits. Why? Because allowing your team and its individual members to express themselves will make them feel like they matter and that their opinion is important.

What should you do once you have found them?

With any luck, once word gets around that you’re looking for the leaders, the creators, and the innovators to come forward, the employees who have been hidden intrapreneurs all along should start revealing themselves, if they haven’t already.

And now comes what is arguably the most difficult part – dealing with them properly. While intrapreneurial talent on your team can totally transform your business, it’s often a thin line between success and failure.

Why? Because most intrapreneurs are passionate, charismatic and confident however you should be aware that, given some power and responsibility, studies report that they typically come with a larger dose of arrogance and that they are more manipulative than your typical employee.

You should go about supporting intrapreneurs by having a senior figure of your team, or perhaps even yourself (if you have the time) aid them and to cheerlead their progress. It’s independence and it’s responsibility but there’s a safety net there for them too.

However be careful because just because one of your employees has “entrepreneurial traits” doesn’t mean that they don’t need the guidance of an experienced member of the team as well as their support. The senior figure should protect intrapreneurs as much as possible to allow them to get on with what they’re tasked to do and so that they don’t feel their project is being blocked by other members of staff who, for their own reasons, may want them to fail.

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