01 Jun 2020

What should you use the bounce back loan for?

Tens of billions of pounds has already been borrowed by HM Government in an effort to help as many businesses stay afloat as possible during the COVID-19 crisis. At one point, 80% of the wages of over 7 million employees were being paid by the government as the government attempted to save as many jobs and companies as possible.

01 May 2020

Why use a local accountant in an age of social distancing?

As I write this, scientists, politicians, and the rest of us are hoping beyond hope that we have reached the plateau stage of the COVID-19 crisis here in Britain. If this is true, the Government might consider easing some of the lockdown restrictions.

14 Apr 2020

Coronavirus blog

I’m certain that the phrase “unprecedented times” will be the phrase of 2020 – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve hear it now. However, these times are certainly and genuinely without modern precedent and, in recognition of that fact, the Government have leapt to the defence of businesses with a number of different schemes – thirteen to be precise (although one predated the coronavirus crisis).

27 Feb 2020

7 reliefs and allowances to take advantage of as the tax year ends

The UK personal tax year runs from the 6th April to the 5th April. Following the end of the tax year, you have until 31st October to report your earnings via self-assessment if you use the paper form and until 31st January the following year if you use the online form.

29 Jan 2020

Self-assessment - why use an accountant?

The self assessment form is the incredibly complex and time-consuming form which millions of self-employed, company directors, and high earners must, by force of law, complete every year to notify HMRC how much tax they owe.

14 Jan 2020

Self-assessment deadline – the 10 things you need to know

In this article, Sunny Accountants shares with you everything you need to know about self-assessment.