27 Feb 2020

7 reliefs and allowances to take advantage of as the tax year ends

The UK personal tax year runs from the 6th April to the 5th April. Following the end of the tax year, you have until 31st October to report your earnings via self-assessment if you use the paper form and until 31st January the following year if you use the online form.

29 Jan 2020

Self-assessment - why use an accountant?

The self assessment form is the incredibly complex and time-consuming form which millions of self-employed, company directors, and high earners must, by force of law, complete every year to notify HMRC how much tax they owe.

14 Jan 2020

Self-assessment deadline – the 10 things you need to know

In this article, Sunny Accountants shares with you everything you need to know about self-assessment.

09 Oct 2018

Direct costs and your Profit Margins

In this article, the Sunny Accountants team will explain what a direct cost is, why they are important for your business, and what you can do to lower them.

08 Oct 2018

Self-employed tax cut scrapped

The government recently announced that it was to scrap a reform to National Insurance for the self-employed after discovering that some self-employed people would be left worse off.

04 Oct 2018

The contractor loan charge and why you should know about it

Since 2010, contractors and other individuals using over 100 different tax avoidance schemes, previously deemed legal, have been subject to what some commentators describe as particularly forceful and aggressive treatment at the hands of the taxman.

25 Sep 2018

Sunny Accountants: Taxman investigations into inheritance tax up 5% this year

Sunny Accountants is the leading Nottinghamshire accountancy practice helping clients to protect their estates from the full effects of inheritance tax.

24 Sep 2018

Sunny Accountants: Taxman gets himself into a lather about expenses

When can the washing of an employee’s work clothes be considered for tax relief?

19 Sep 2018

Four ways that contractors can save money with Sunny Accountants

At Sunny Accountants, we’re passionate about helping our clients keep more of the money they’ve worked so hard to earn.

11 Sep 2018

What can an intrapreneur do for your business?

An intrapreneur is much like an entrepreneur. Intrapreneurs are employees who often take a leading role in your business by overseeing whole departments and leading projects that improve company performance, productivity, and profitability.

10 Sep 2018

Can outsourcing bring benefits to your business?

Outsourcing describes when a business goes to a third-party company to carry out some of their business processes or to fulfil a specific business needs.

04 Sep 2018

Beware umbrella companies bearing gifts

In this article, the Sunny team will look at what these avoidance schemes are, how to spot one, and what you can do to ensure you don’t get on the wrong side of the taxman.

29 Aug 2018

When should you place an employee on gardening leave?

In this article, the Sunny Accounting team explain what gardening leave is, when you should give it, and what that means for your employees.

28 Aug 2018

Securing up to £100,000 funding for new and young companies

In this article, the Sunny team will explain everything you need to know about securing funding for your business through The Start Up Loans Company.

22 Aug 2018

Making Tax Digital and expenses management

Today, we guide you through the top five challenging areas when managing your expenses and the best solutions to overcome them.

14 Aug 2018

Make VAT work for you

In this article, the Sunny team looks at whether VAT registration is right for your business, what it means for your bookkeeping, and how you can make VAT work for your company.

13 Aug 2018

Your responsibilities as an employer

There’s a lot of law surrounding employment – both general and taxation-related so the Sunny team have put together this handy guide to what’s expected of you as an employer.

07 Aug 2018

The first Making Tax Digital VAT return successfully submitted on Quickbooks

As the final rollout date for the submission of VAT returns under the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) system, Intuit QuickBooks has managed to submit its first test MTD VAT filing to HMRC.

31 Jul 2018

What is mutuality of obligation?

Mutuality of Obligation – or MOO – is one of HM Revenue and Customs’ infamous ‘tests of employment’ when it comes to suspected IR35 cases.

30 Jul 2018

How to stop a HMRC scam

Cybercriminals are forever developing new ways to scam people into handing over their bank and personal details. As these cons become more sophisticated it becomes harder for victims to recognise the signs of a scam.

25 Jul 2018

Tax tips for married couples

They say that, when you get married, everything changes. For the longest time, that didn’t apply to matters of taxation until April 2015 when the Marriage Allowance was introduced. If you’ve just tied the knot, here is everything you need to know about married life and your tax affairs.

17 Jul 2018

How do tax fraud investigations work?

HMRC are watching you. Essentially the financial boogieman for small enterprises and sole traders across the UK, the thought of coming under investigation by taxman is enough to put the frighteners up the vast majority of us.

16 Jul 2018

Skills to keep contractors in demand

The UK has a serious skills shortage. But fortunately for Britain’s businesses, contractors are here to fill the gap.

10 Jul 2018

Pimlico Plumbers ruling

Last month’s Supreme Court ruling in the Pimlico Plumbers Ltd v Gary Smith case was another step towards codifying how people who perform work for a company are classified legally for employment purposes.