When we agree a fixed fee that is exactly what it is! We are not in the habit of reeling clients in with introductory, low prices, our prices won’t stay the same forever, no firm can promise that, but we promise any increases will be communicated in advance and will be fair.

All work is carried out locally and checked by a qualified Accountant, we don’t outsource or use call centres and have no intentions of doing so.

We treat your privacy of utmost importance and use the highest levels of security to protect your data.

We work in a fuss free manner, we don’t like wasting our money, this would ultimately lead to higher fees for you, we therefore make full use of email and dropbox to keep our printing and posting costs down.

Your promises

You don’t have to promise us anything, we work for you, but you can make our lives a lot easier by helping us with the following:

  • Ensuring any documents requested or email queries sent are dealt with within 2 weeks of submission deadlines
  • Keeping your contact information up to date, we will advise the relevant authorities if we hold agent authority
  • By ensuring monthly fees are received on time