With a whole array of professional qualifications, including a degree in Applied Accountancy and triple Chartered status, he has the technical knowledge to back up the softer skills he has developed from a working lifetime talking with clients.

We are a modern, forward thinking firm with a dynamic, young team. We are always looking at new technologies and for ways to improve our service to our clients.

Our final move, into 2500 square feet of office space, with 3 separate meeting rooms, signifies our intention to always remain accessible to our clients.  Of course we recognise the opportunity to offer cloud computing and a remote service to our clients throughout the country,  but the vast majority of our clients still seek that face to face personal service and we never intend to become a faceless organisation or contract our work overseas.

All of our clients not only have access to a qualified Accountant, whether that be by phone, email, text, facebook, whatsapp or in person, but also to a second employee, to ensure you can get your message across promptly.

We encourage all clients to take advantage of our offer of a FREE subscription to Quickbooks Online because we feel that regular bookkeeping and analysis from an Accountant is key to ensuring your business thrives and avoids any nasty cash-flow issues. The real-time reporting of taxes due is another important benefit to using the software.

Our growth has been rapid and it is fair to say has taken us by surprise! During this time we have carved a niche in the following sectors:

Sunny Accountants also offer specialisms in Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and VAT. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge solutions to exit strategies, business valuations and acquisitions, whatever the size or sector.

We personally visit many of our clients to collect paperwork and discuss business, we feel this builds strong relationships and leaves our clients looking forwards to, rather than dreading a meeting with their Accountant.

We value and encourage all customer comments and appreciate feedback on how we can improve on what we offer. Our success is derived from what our clients achieve and we appreciate each and every client, whatever their size.