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54 Simple Ways To Claim Tax Deductions For Expenses

Free eBook Full Of Actionable Tips To Save You Money On Your Business Expenses

In this free eBook you will discover:

  • Easy ways to reduce your end of year tax bill
  • How to claim expenses and keep more money in your pocket (more profit)
  • Easy to implement examples of how I personally save tax, that you can use in your business


Frustrated with cases where clients could have saved significant amounts of tax, if only they had been made aware of the opportunities available to them, Karl started Sunny Accountants so that could keep in closer communication with his clients.

Karl Watts holds Chartered status in both accountancy and tax. Since setting up Sunny Accountants the firm has grown quickly. Karl understand that it’s not about the numbers, and that clients appreciate a brighter more open approach to accountancy and taxation. He wants his clients to feel listened to, valued, and to have the service they receive exceed their expectations at every turn.

By combining advice and highly qualified expertise Karl is able to help clients to keep as much money away from the taxman and in their own pockets, as legally possible.


Helping clients to grow their profits and develop their businesses through tax savings and proactive planning.

Sunny Accountants understand that running a business can be tough. Accounting and finance is probably not high up on your to-do list, especially when you are overwhelmed with the day to day running of your business.

Our young and dynamic team of qualified professionals are here to guide you through the world of accounts and business, making sure that you know your numbers are right and on time, every time.

Our brighter approach to accountancy includes:

1. Personal Tax


Our specialities include Landlords, High Net Worth Individuals and Inheritance Tax Planning. We offer a cradle to grave service and we can deal with probate cases, offering exceptional value for money. We will reduce your tax liabilities as aggressively as legislation allows and keep you aware of relevant tax cases that HMRC have either won or lost.

2. Limited Companies

Compliance is our bread and butter, you can take for granted we will file your returns and advise you of your liabilities, but we offer so much more than that.
Management accounts are our starting point to really add value for you.  Moving on from that we can help you with budgets, measuring financial and non-financial KPI’s and cashflow forecasts.

3. Start-Ups

When you are new to business you need more tailored and specific advice, more often. We can help you both identify and apply for grants and loans. We feel cashflow forecasts are vital in new businesses and our cutting edge software can make this an affordable option for any start-up.

4. Tax Planning

Some Accountants wait until after the event to talk about tax, others call you into the office days before your year end. Sunny Accountants request a meeting 3 months before your year end, giving you plenty of time to put into action some of our recommendations to reduce your tax bill.

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